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letsdateMafioso    Manaus, Amazonas
I have an optimistic view of this site. I think it can be very promising as my son met his dream girl and soon to be wife on this site. He has encouraged me to give this a try. Why not???
gumtree australia combinzer    Fair Oaks (burb of Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania
i like motor biking and fishing all kinds of music other than that i am quite happy with life
pet28eaglefb30    Perry, Oklahoma
Oh my goodness! How are you? I am always well. A bit about me, I am a fairly laid back guy, recently moved here from Phoenix so I am relatively new to the OKC area. I go to school part time in pursuit
find best friend onlinejayrocks    Espana, Andalucia
Wow, there must be a lot of people on here. It took a long time to find a username.I'm here looking for a girl to cozy up with for the winter. I go out occassionally but I'm not into the b

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